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Gift cards

Gift vouchers can be purchased here. When purchasing please fill out your loved one’s details in “shipping information”. You can then download the gift voucher which can be shared with the intended recipient. They will be able to book on the website as normal under “Redeem Gift Voucher” and will need to provide the name of the gift giver upon confirmation.

Home visit

A 1:1 consultation gives us the time to explore your medical, birth and breastfeeding history to date, as well as your breastfeeding goals. A home visit allows us to use your own furniture for positioning and attachment which can be repeated after I have left. Babies should be fed responsively, but you may want to offer milk around 2 hours before I arrive so we will be able to talk before they need to feed again. I understand babies are unpredictable however, and the benefit of a home visit is that we can go entirely at your baby’s pace. You won’t have to worry about your baby crying in the car seat or being late because they needed a nappy change just as you’re about to leave.

Most families require only 1 home visit and I am available for text or email support for as long as you need it.

  • Home consultations include a written report within 48 hours which can be shared with your medical team, legal representative or employer.


1 hour appointment, with unlimited text support

Online consultation

Most aspects of a lactation consultation can be delivered in a telehealth appointment. Videos of your baby feeding and weight charts can be sent and reviewed in advance to make the most of the appointment. This may be more appropriate for situations such as devising a breastfeeding/expressing plan for faltering weight, or return to work, negotiating nursing boundaries with your toddler, or how to maximise family sleep.

Written reports are available within 48 hours and can be shared with relevant professionals.


1 hour appointment, with unlimited text support


Breastfeeding doesn’t always go to plan and many mothers are left feeling guilty or with feelings of loss when they haven’t breastfed, or haven’t breastfed for as long as they wanted. I have a unique perspective from speaking to women in breast clinic in their 50s and 60s who are still trying to come to terms with this sense of failure. Whether it was 20 days or 20 years ago, I am able to help you process what happened and potentially offer some answers to your questions.

This can also be an important step in your next breastfeeding journey, and provide closure before your next baby arrives. We can come up with an individualised plan to optimise breastfeeding the next time based on your particular challenges. A breastfeeding debrief and understanding can also help you make peace with your own journey so that you are able to fully support a loved one such as a daughter or granddaughter.

1 hour appointment

Antenatal Consultation

You have researched your travel system, and maybe even have narrowed down a name, but have you got all the information you need about how you will feed your baby? You may have already decided you want to breastfeed but most people in the UK do not see breastfeeding close up until they have their first baby, which puts them at a disadvantage. This consultation option gives you the opportunity to learn what to expect in those early weeks, and how to prepare. You will also have text support on hand within hours of your baby’s arrival.

1 hour appointment, with text support the week of your baby’s birth

Cancellation policy

Please let me know as soon as possible if you do not require an appointment. I appreciate lives with young children are busy and unpredictable.

Cancellation over 48 hours prior to appointment – 80% refund. Cancellation within 48 hours – no refund but may reschedule by mutual agreement.

Professional Services

By prior arrangement.

Dr Reilly is able to provide expert testimony to family courts regarding the needs of the breastfeeding dyad. She also welcomes integrated care with medical colleagues where lactation and/or breastfeeding management may comprise part of the medical management. She is available to speak at educational events such as conferences and departmental teaching where event organisers and sponsors are compliant with the WHO International code of marketing of breast milk substitutes.