About me

I am a Speciality Breast Doctor and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I had my first baby in 2014 and was struck by how limited breastfeeding knowledge and support was. Many of my friends sadly said the same things, that they would get inconsistent and sometimes wrong advice making those early weeks harder than they needed to be. This started me on a path of education, voluntarily supporting families as a breastfeeding counsellor and later as a private lactation consultant, alongside my NHS practice. I continue to run a community breastfeeding support group in Glasgow, and offer voluntary support. I also form part of many committees looking to improve infant and maternal health outcomes.

My passion is helping mothers and families experience the unique connection and health outcomes that come with breastfeeding and human milk feeding.

As a mum myself, I recognise how important this is to you and your baby. I also recognise the need for early skilled support to get your journey off to a good start. It can prevent problems or an early end to lactation later on. I focus on optimising breastfeeding rather than what volume of your milk your baby is getting, and each family’s feeding journey will look slightly different.

*Dr Reilly is able to offer consultations in your own home within a 30 minute drive of Glasgow G43, at the Breastmed clinic at Spiersbridge Business Park G46, or as a Telehealth appointment anywhere in the world. Email contact@breastmed.co.uk if your enquiry is urgent and availability is limited on the booking system. Written referrals are taken via email from other doctors and IBCLCs. Private prescriptions are £20 plus the medication cost, and can only be issued to UK addresses.