Boy or Girl?

Know sooner than ever before with SneakPeek Clinical Early DNA Test

The only 99.9% accurate early DNA-based blood test, starting 6 weeks into pregnancy.

For just £129 at the Breastmed Clinic, you will also receive a collection of our trusted infant feeding resources, so you are prepared when your baby arrives. Emailed results will include a special “reveal” video you can watch with your partner or family.

Results are emailed straight to you in 3-4 business days! Dr Reilly is also happy to send results to your party planner or baker if you want to have the reveal as a family occasion.*

SneakPeek Clinical by Gateway Genomics is the only clinically proven early gender DNA test that lets you discover your baby’s sex months ahead of ultrasound, so you can prepare for your little one’s arrival, and share with family and friends. Did you know a small fraction of your baby’s DNA circulates in the maternal blood stream? The test uses non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) to look for male Y chromosomes from a small sample of your blood. From just 3ml of blood we can determine whether male Y chromosomes are found, meaning the baby is a boy. If none are found, your baby is a girl. SneakPeak is the leading provider of this technology and the most accurate test on the market, trusted by over 1 million mums and medical providers.

*Subject to postal service

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do a Clinical Test?

SneakPeek also offer an at-home test you can do yourself. Currently in the UK, this involves drawing blood through a fingerprick test and squeezing drops out. Having a venous blood sample in clinic reduces the chance of contamination and improves the accuracy of results.

Why have your test at the Breastmed clinic?

We understand that you may be keeping your pregnancy to yourself, or aren’t telling anyone yet. With our small discrete team we ensure your confidentiality. You will also be given access to our expertly collated antenatal resources to help you make informed decisions about feeding your wee one when they arrive.

I’ve previously had a boy. Will that skew my results?

Clinical studies have shown that foetal DNA clears from the bloodstream within a few hours, to 2 days after birth.

I’m having twins. Can SneakPeek determine fetal sex for each one?

In the case of identical twins, if male DNA is found, then both babies are boys. If no male DNA is found, then both babies are girls. For fraternal twins (or non-identical twins), finding male DNA will confirm at least one baby is a boy, but cannot distinguish if the second is a boy or a girl.

Do hormone disorders such as PCOS affect my results?

SneakPeek is a DNA-based test, so hormones do not impact results.

Do blood thinners affect my results?

SneakPeek looks only for the presence of Y chromosomes and is extremely sensitive and accurate. No blood thinners or other drugs are known to impact SneakPeek results.

Are results guaranteed?

SneakPeek Clinical is the most accurate early test on the market. If your test does not match the sex of your newborn, you’ll get a full refund. We recognise gender may not be defined by biological sex at birth.

Is my privacy protected?

We know your DNA information is personal. To protect your privacy:

1. SneakPeek tests only for baby’s sex. No data is gathered about disease states or other health-related information.

2. After the test is run in the lab, your DNA sample is disposed of by a professional chemical management company in compliance with US federal standards.

3. SneakPeek never shares your results with anyone other than the email address you provide.

It is not always possible to determine your baby’s sex on ultrasound. Don’t leave it to chance!

Having your blood sample done at the Breastmed clinic offers reassurance and accuracy. Click on the calculator to know when you can take the test if you are under 6 weeks pregnant.

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